About Us

Marine Fish Culture For Professional Hatcheries And Grow-Out


Aquatic Enterprise Co. was established in 1999 and has been involved in the aquaculture industry since then. We are a major supplier of fish and shrimp food, accessories, equipment and related products in Malaysia for the aquaculture industry, which include both hatchery and grow-out sectors. We have established branches in Johor, Sarawak and Sabah to better service to our valued customer.

Our company is an integrated one stop solution centre in aquaculture to meet your nutrition, disease prevention and treatment needs, for both aquatic animals and its environmental control, for better production output. Our main products are brine shrimp eggs(artemia), all kinds of feed, feed additives, vitamins and enrichment products for rotifer and artemia. For water treatment, we have products for water disinfection, purification and detoxification. For diseases, we have products to cure bacteria and parasite infection on fish and shrimp.

Our Company’s advance products and experienced technicians provide various types of professional services, which include the analysis of more commonly encountered fish and shrimp diseases and the knowledge to manage these problems. Our diverse range of quality nutrition and common applied pharmacological products helps in the prevention and management of infectious diseases in order to achieve better aquaculture management and practices, minimize environmental pollution, and improve sustainability in the aquaculture industry.

Our network in advance aquaculture countries, such as Thailand, Korea and Japan enable us to be constantly exposed to the latest nutrition and techniques in this industry and facilitate technology transfer to the benefits of our customers.

Our Company has always strive to provide excellent and innovative products, know-how and services to our esteemed customers to build up continuous business relationship with mutual respects and benefits. We commit to conduct our business with integrity and customers’ satisfaction is our major priority.

” Together Pursuing Aquaculture Excellence “