Hufa (Omega-3)

Aquaculture HuFa (Omega-3 Emulsion)

This product is a self-emulsifying Omega-3 fish oil containing super concentrated high DHA+EPA.

This stable emulsion is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E and provides all PUFAs.

Appearance: Water Soluble Liquid

Concentration : EPA + DHA min. 45%, Total Omega-3 min. 50%
(GC area %)

Composition :
Vitamin C : min. 500 mg/kg
Vitamin A : min. 50,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E : min. 500 mg/kg
Omega-3 fish oil : min. 60%
Water : about 35%
Vitamins : about 3%
Emulsifier : about 1%

FOR ENRICHMENT USE: Shake the one liter bottle prior to use.
• Harvest Rotifer and Artemia nauplii with seawater and place in the enrichment tank.
• Density of Rotifer and Artermia should range from 100 to 500 individuals per ml.
• Add 300mg of emulsion oil per 1 liter seawater (for Rotifer 200mg) and place in the enrichment tank for 12 hours.
• Oxygen levels should be maintaind at 4 mg/l or more.
• Harvest Rotifer and Artemia nauplii and feed to larvae.

Shelf Life: This Product is stable up to 12 months if unopend.
Storage: Recommended to store cool (4~25 centi-degree) DO NOT freeze!
Package: 1 liter bottle x 20 EA.