AQUA 3080

AQUA 3080 ( 30-80 Microns) – Rotifers Replacement!

Larval Hatchery Feeds for Marine Finfish!

AQUA3080 hatchery feeds are composed of the finest quality, highly palatable and easily digestible ingredients that are constantly available to fish larvae, promoting consumption and assimilation of the nutrients and hence larval growth and survival.
The unique powder form of AQUA3080 provides neutrally buoyant particles that remain suspended (like Rotifers) in the water column. They are formulated to minimize leaching of nutrients so with their superior suspend-ability fish larval can now “capture” and “swallow” these particles nutrients in the tank easily.

General Product Descriptions
For the early stage of fish larval growth, this unique feeds can be the replacement of rotifers in marine fish hatchery. This products are micro-powder-emulsions prepared from enzymatically hydrolyzed marine and cereal proteins in combination with other essential macro and micro-nutrients. Early stages fish larval (2 to 5 days) are more readily digest hydrolyzed protein.

Suggested Usage for Grouper :
Feeding rate = 50g AQUA3080 per million fish larval.
Increase Feeding Rate according to larval consume-ability day by day. DO NOT Over feed!

AQUA3080 Application:
The required quantity of feed should be measured into a sealable container containing clean seawater. A mixture ratio of 50g of AQUA3080 per 500 ml of seawater will give good results.
The dispersion should be distributed evenly over the surface of the larval rearing tank water.

Marine protein, plant protein, animal protein, olefinic lipids EPA, DHA (HUFA), phospholipids, complex carbohydrates, B complex and C vitamins, fat soluble vitamin complex, broad spectrum micro-nutrient and attractant.
Protein 48%, Fat 9%, Fiber 3%.

Once the package has been opened, it is recommended to use the contents within one month. It is recommended that the product is refrigerated after it is opened.

Packaging : 1 kg in aluminium foil bag.