Korea Nanno K2


Species : Seawater Chlorella ( C. Elipsoidea – C020)
Use : Enrichment, Greenwater
Package : 1L
Density : 65 billion cell/ml more.
Preserve term : 2 year after product
Preserve way : Freezing

Property of Product
● Pure cultured single species of seawater chlorella add vitamin B-12 and a patent material enhance enrichment
effect and immune activity of fry.
● Use necessary amount for rotifer and artemia enrichment.
● Seawater chlorella has superiorly more fatty acid, especially EPA that necessary for growth of the fry than fresh
water chlorella, result in reduce use of additionally enrichment.
● High concentration freezed product(65billion cell/ml more), preserve long time(about 2 year), and keep fresh.

How to use
● Using 1L of Nanno K2 can enrichment about 2 billion of rotifer or 20 million of artemia.
● Add another enrichment agent to enhance the enrichment further if necessary.
● For greenwater, 1L of Nanno K2 can make 50 ton of green water per tank.
● Do not use for innoculation (breed and multiply) purpose.